Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Why: He's The Asshole and I deserve to be The Bitch

Top Ten Reasons Why: He's the Asshole

10. You Lost My Trust when ON OUR WEDDING NIGHT you:
  • were leaving sexual innuendo comments on some FAKE myspace skank's page because you were stupid enough to think she was real. AND THEN when confronted because you were stupid enough to leave your shit logged in on my computer and I asked you about it, you LIED. And not just any lie - oh no, a bald faced doozie. You told me that she was your ex-wife's niece and that you were commenting on the "delicious" spaghetti dinner she had made for you... You later admitted to making all of that up because I laughed at you and demanded you tell the truth. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS TO THINK I WOULD BELIEVE THAT SHIT???

9. You Lost My Respect when you:
  • peeled out of town on our wedding day and left me at the altar. Pregnant. AFTER you had told both of our families that we had already married. Perfect start.
8. You Lost My Affection when you:
  • told me that sex with me was no good anyway. That I was a failure as a wife. When you and your father both questioned why any man would want to come home to me.
7. You Lost My "nice tone of voice" when you:
  • failed to listen to me the first 8 million times. You also make up your own interpretation of conversations by filling in the blanks around the few key words you grasp onto. This results in some nightmarish version of that "gossip telephone whatever game" gone terribly terribly wrong.
6. You Lost a Wife who gave a damn about housekeeping when you:
  • failed to clean up a damned thing after yourself or simply take out the trash or do absolutely anything around the house unless begged, pleaded and cattle prodded. When you accused me of trying to poison you. When I slaved for 2 days and even set the table for dinner and you deemed it a complete and utter failure because the timing got boffed while you sat your your fat ass and refused to do anything unless asked and explicitly directed step by step of the way what to do.
5. You Lost a Wife who was proud of you when:
  • you were overheard talking shit about me to your ex-wife, your mother, your father, your best friend, and ALL within earshot of me. You are either completely stupid or you just always hated me that much. When you called me a drunk to your family because I find solace in a large glass of wine (often two) a night, because on THREE occassions in the last YEAR, I drank a whole bottle to put myself to sleep when the tears or the pain wouldn't stop. (mother-in-law harassment, therapy nightmare, first period after birth) And I don't care what you say, I'm pretty sure that drinking wine spaced out over time while the baby sleeping is a hell of a lot healthier for my sanity than gobbling anti-anxiety meds...
4. You Lost a Wife who counted on you when:
  • you threatened to kick me out on the streets, knowing that I had nowhere that I could actually go. (yes, I had gracious friends offer me a place to live but I have severe allergies and they all have big dogs, which I am asthmatically deathly allergic to.) You fail to show even the most base comprehension of childcare, leaving me terrified to leave ourson in your care.
3. You Lost a Wife who felt safe and secure with you when:
  • You man-handled me while I was pregnant, you shoved me in front of our infant son, you pushed me as hard as you could in my chest, you grabbed my arms and picked me up and shook me, and you spit in my face and told me I was a piece of shit. (In the end, I was not the better person and I did mimic all of your hateful actions back to you but it's not in my nature to give in without a fight.) You regularly call me a stupid fucking bitch, cunt, you-name-it in front of our son.
2. You Lost a Wife who thought the sun rose and set in your eyes when:
  • You chose to walk out on your infant son and new wife instead of go to couples/family counseling. You were in a terrible accident years ago and have legitimate injuries which cause some of your hateful actions and yet you fail to get help.
1. You Lost a Wife and a Family when you:
  • NEVER EVEN TRIED. You had a beautiful loving family right in front of your face but you were too stubborn, lazy, and selfish to ever even notice.


Carolyn...Online said...

Damn woman. No one deserves that crap. I'm glad you lost the loser. Now I must go and read archives...

DQFFS! said...

Carolyn...:) Thank you. I was beginning to believe his lies and think that I was the crazy one. Writing it out in my "diary" here and realizing that I am indeed NOT the crazy one... Well that's priceless. Thanks!

DQFFS! said...

He "popped in" for lunch just now and I woke from my nap with the baby to find him napping in his bed. He wanted to talk and schedule us a therapy appointment, like nothing major had just happened. Like he hadn't just told me the day before that he didn't WANT to be a family with me and that he was CHOOSING to leave us! Then just as we start to talk, he blurts out (I have a conference call in 4 minutes!) Couldn't he have given me the timeframe for our talk up front? WTF!

cIII said...


DQFFS! said...

ciii: you make me smile, you Papa Bear you.