Monday, October 13, 2008

Pillow Talk: You Rattle My Prattle

DQ: Oh! There is my pillowcase, on your pillow!
(I had already noticed that my pillowcase had mysteriously hopped off my pillow and onto Big Him's. Luckily, I had a backup pillowcase on underneath the preferred pillowcase. So what if I have issues!!!)

BigHim: Huh?

DQ: My pillowcase. You stole my pillowcase. It's there on your pillow now.

BigHim: I don't understand.

DQ: That blue, soft jersey pillowcase (my favorite one), the one that is now on your "knee" pillow, that one-right there, the one that was on my pillow just last night. That pillowcase.

BigHim: I don't think so.

DQ: Yes, you swiped my pillowcase.

BigHim: Huh?

DQ: Whatever.

BigHim: Oh gawd, I hate whatever!

DQ: OK, fine.

BigHim: Ugggh! Why did you have to say FINE???


(Anyway, I thought I would share this lovely exchange for all of you other mothers who also fail at communications with their own BigHims in even the most basic of conversations.)


cIII said...

Better the Pillowcase than the Pillow itself.

I find my Favorite pillow in the most Unusual places.

DQFFS! said...

Pillow Pilfering Pirates!

Carolyn...Online said...

As soon as I leave the bed - even if it's just to re-tuck a small child ALL of the pillows are somehow tucked in around my husband. I don't even know how he manages it.

DQFFS! said..., I KNOW! I mean, it's like they are a black hole of pillow madness. A BOGO free-for-all pillow vortex that immediately sucks any pillow in the room into every bend of their body. Every neck, elbow, knee and ankle. KNEE and ANKLE!

I hereby toast my chalice (gawd, I love that word) to the pillow gods that BigHim hates HATES the Tempurpedic pillows that just so happen to perfectly corral the baby onto the bed between the wall and my knees and head. KNEES AND HEAD!


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