Friday, September 26, 2008

Stupidity Rant: Integrity of Words

Integrity of Words:
  • Don't tell me one thing if you mean something else and then get pissy if I don't translate correctly. I will ask you AGAIN if I am suddenly speaking Turkish and then storm off.
  • Don't tell me one thing yesterday and another thing today and then revert to your original stance tomorrow. I will track your contradictions and smack you upside the head with them.
  • Don't tell anyone to do something that you won't do yourself and then boggle when they laugh at you and blow you off (and not in the fun way). I will remind you that Monkey See, Monkey Do, You're a Moron, Shame on you!
  • Don't tell me you're going to do something just because you think that is what I want to hear and then when the moment of truth arrives, blow me off because you think that A) I won't remember; B) I won't mind; or C) You can talk your way out of it. You are NOT sneaky and I will call you out, you unreliable bumbaclot.
Don't interpret my statements (that is IF you even bother to listen to them) as anything other than WHAT I STATE! I am a straight shooter. (unless I say "Fine." or "Whatever." and then you best fetch me a bottle of wine and head out for some daddy-baby time. Maybe you'll find a new bff on the baby swings, and I DO MEAN IN THE BABY SWING you asshurt crybaby, coz I know you're all boohoo by now)

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cIII said...

Venom. Wicked Venom. *gushes*